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How others are benefiting

Vishnu completely transformed the way I looked at my personal finance. Now I can manage my money better and look forward to building wealth. Highly recommended course
D Narayana
After taking this course, I have understood why it is important to invest my money to grow. Earlier I used to keep it only in bank FD. It was such a waste!
Anand pavan Kumar
Now I am very confident that I will meet all my financial goals. In fact, I bought my first car this year, and planning to buy an apartment soon. This course changed my ideas about finances.
The Deep-Dive Financial Growth Course cleared many of my misconceptions about money. I learned hoe inflation eats away my savings and how I can beat that and still grow my money. A big thanks to Vishnu.
What attracted me to take this course is the promise to learn the money secrets of the rich. To know how they get richer and richer every year. The course discusses their secret ideas in detail so that everyone can do the same.
Saurabh chharia, Public speaking coach
If you have just started your career, I recommend that you take this course asap. This will set you up for meeting your life goals, building wealth, and never suffer from money worries. Do it now.
Sushim Dhakate
When I knew about the financial secrets of the rich in The Deep-Dive Financial Growth Course, it just blew my mind. So easy to apply. Why didn’t anyone told me this earlier?
Krishna Kumar GEETHARANI
The feeling I got after I completed this course is one of deep confidence. Now I am confident of meeting any financial issue calmly, secure in the knowledge that I will be ablie to get over any emergency.
Anil kumar Merum

Learn some unusual, little-known
wealth-building strategies

After you take this course,
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Meet your financial growth coach

I am Vishnu Deekonda, and I have been a financial consultant for 10 years now.

Nowadays, I advise only high net worth individuals on how they can grow their wealth. I have advised 534 wealthy individuals and they depend upon me for their financial health. 

However, it was not always this easy.

When I started consulting, I was unsure of offering practical, effective financial advice and some of my clients were not so happy about me.

I was fired by my first client. Then I decided to study how to create wealth for my customers. I started to research about the strategies of the rich..

I interviewed more than 1000 high net worth individuals to understand their financial actions. Actions that make them rich and free of financial instability.

I spent more than 5000 hours talking to them, to know their unique financial insight.

Now, I believe that these strategies should be revealed to everyone so that everyone has an opportunity to get richer. Everyone must have a fair chance and not remain a victim of circumstances.

Vishnu put my finances on the right track

“I have been taking the advice of Vishnu for the last 5 years and have immensely benefitted. He helped me to leave some of my misconceptions about money and put my finances on the right track for growth. The results are extremely satisfactory.
Software Developer, Hyderabad

Who It is for

This deep dive financial growth course is for you if

You have just started your career or a few years into it, and you are willing to create wealth for meeting all your life goals by meticulous financial planning.

This deep dive financial growth course is NOT for you if

You are near the end of your earning phase in life, or looking to earn some quick bucks. This is not a get rich quick scheme.


With our immersive deep-dive financial growth course, start you journey towards financial prosperity.

  •  Achieve all your life goals with careful financial planning leaving behind money worries forever
  •  Join the community of 15,000 young professionals who have already benefitted from this life-changing course

Your path to lasting financial success begins here. All the best!!

Disclaimer : This workshop is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It teaches you the fundamentals of investing in stock market & gives you the knowledge to make better financial decisions. The reviews given are for that specific individual who made the efforts to learn & implement our teachings, we do not guarantee any results.

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