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Out and out practical training program with real company examples.

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Live online sessions for doubt clearance.

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100% automated excel tool that helps you in efficient stock analysis.

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An out and out practical course on value investing that will teach you everything on how to pick the right stocks and generate multi-bagger returns in the stock market.


The Sensible Investing Foundation Course


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Making Yourself Rich – Golden Offer (old version)


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Making Yourself Rich – Golden Offer

The Sensible Investing Training Program

It is a 100% automated investment process; hence the practitioners of this process will have very little manual work while investing their hard earned money into the right stocks.

Vishnu Deekonda — Founder & CEO.
  • Analyzed the balance sheets of 40+ Indian companies
  • Analyzed the income statements of 15+ Indian companies
  • Analyzed the cash flow statements of 10+ companies 
  • Analyzed the profitability of 25+ Indian companies 
  • Case studies of 5+ Indian companies while analyzing the financial fakery
  • Industry analysis of 10+ Industries 
  • Economic moat analysis of 20+ Indian companies 
  • Valuation of 10+ Indian companies

It is your hard earned money; so never rely on anyone else to invest it. Once you complete our training program, you will become a self-sufficient investor.

  • Exploring the psychological factors influencing investment decisions
  • Understanding behavioral biases and their impact on financial markets
  • Strategies for overcoming common cognitive biases in investing
  • Building emotional resilience and discipline in investment decision-making
  • Practical tips for staying rational and focused during market fluctuations
  • Incorporating behavioral finance principles into a value investing framework