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  1. I’ve attended so many workshops and trainings, spent so much money in such courses, after joining value investing complete course by Vishnu I’m really feeling that I’m actually and truly learning something about investing. Thanks Vishnu for designing such a splendid course which covers all the aspects of value investing. I’m a banker but after going through your videos I feel I’m actually understanding the relevance and importance of financial analysis. Each penny spent on this course is worth many times it’s value. Each video is gem and a collector’s item for me. I’ll time and again will watch and enhance my understanding about the subject.
    Thanks a lot Guruji.

  2. Its good explanations, but can’t go through consistently as video quality are not working properly, there are voices cuts , picture size changes automatically gets bigger or smaller, there are breaks
    I cross checked with my internet also try on lap top its taking more time n disturbing

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